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Pacifiers: yes or no?
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Age to stop using a pacifier


 - Age to stop using a pacifier
Before your child reaches the age of 6, it's important to help him/her give up his/her pacifier. The longer you wait, the worse potential dental damage will be, and the more difficult it will be to break the habit. Easier said than done.

How do you go about it? Gradually.

It's out of the question to just take it away one day: it's violent, traumatic and inefficient. Talk to your child, explain to him/her why it's time to stop and give a time to stop: in X months, no more pacifier.

To get started, he/she first of all needs to make do without it during the day; no pacifier at school, on trips, during activities; it's set aside for special quiet moments at home, when he/ she is tired or needs to get to sleep, etc.

To reassure your little one, especially if the idea of being separated from his/her cherished pacifier is unbearable, suggest that you keep it in your bag so you can take it out in case of an emergency. Reward each bit of progress, such as half a day without a pacifier, with a little something sweet. 


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