No maternal instinct: Am I a bad mom?
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Being a good mom
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Being a good mom

So, what can you do to be a good mum?
There's no single answer, but the first and most important thing is to have confidence in your own abilities. Having and raising a baby is a huge accomplishment, and one that's full of joy and happiness. All new moms have their ups and downs, and that's perfectly fine.

To help you on your way to a worry-free transition to motherhood, remember these key points:

Start planning early: During pregnancy, make preparations for your return home with your gorgeous new baby. But stay flexible and open-minded!

Surround yourself with loved ones: You never know when you might need them, so make sure someone's always there for you. Put family and friends on speed dial and keep them in the loop.

Use medical professionals:  They're there to help, you know!  Nurses, doctors, midwives... They've seen it all before, so don't be afraid to voice any concerns.

Talk to your parents: What was it like for them? You'll probably find they were just as excited — and worried — as you about having a new baby.  And you turned out ok!

Look after yourself: You're not superwoman! If you need a break, some advice, or just a huge tub of ice cream and a chat, don't be ashamed to ask for help and give yourself what you need.

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