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Number of feeds


Breastfeeding is on demand. Babies makes it known when they're hungry and then take the exact amount they need.

What if I don't have enough?

A shortage of milk doesn't exist because its basically all about supply and demand. You'll keep producing as long as they want it.

How many feeds is normal?

During the first weeks, the rhythm may seem intense. It's normal: your baby's digestive system is not yet fully developed, and as a result the baby may feed often and in small quantities.

Don't worry if you end up giving 10 or more feeds per day: breast milk is digested very quickly (in around 20 minutes, whereas industrial milk takes 4 hours to digest).

How long should my baby suckle for?

Don't watch the clock: the duration of feeds is unimportant. It can be fast or take an hour.

If your baby is very hungry, they'll tend to throw themself onto the breast, but once satisfied, let the little'un lounge there a bit, to make the most of an affectionate moment. This is important as it helps establish the mother-child bond as well as maintaining lactation.

Don't wait too long to burb your baby though!

Remember: there is a close relationship between the baby's demand and the mother's milk production: feeding brings on lactation. The more a baby feeds, the more milk the mother produces. Your body will respond perfectly to the needs of your baby.


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