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Red Castle Tikamac carrier: £32.99, availlable from www.buggyland.co.uk
Red Castle Tikamac carrier: £32.99, availlable from www.buggyland.co.uk
Inspired by traditional baby carrying methods, a sling allows you to keep your child next to you, lying down as if in a hammock. His body is in contact with the fabric which is a comfort. You can use slings from birth up until your baby weighs 12kg.

This type of baby carrier fastens at the side and can be worn on either the left or right side. It adapts to the height of the parent and length of the baby as he grows. When he's a bit bigger, you can put him in a sitting position either aginst you or facing the outside. When he can sit up on his own, you can settle him on your hip; the sling will support his bottom.

Plus points: Your baby finds himself in the fetal position again; he's wrapped up next to his mum, he's happy and can sleep easily. He's rocked to sleep by the motion of your walk.
For you, the sling brings peace, particularly when your baby is crying because being carried calms him down immediately. Additionally, the sling allows you to breastfeed easily and discreetly.

Limits: The weight of your child is essentially spread out on one side of your body. When your baby is more than three months old, it soon becomes tiring.

We recommend it for the first three months. Use it as soon as you need it (on trips out, when your baby is crying, etc) or when you feel the need to have your baby next to you!


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