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How does your child learn to talk?
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How do you teach a baby to be bilingual?

How do you teach a  baby to be bilingual?

Babies have a unique talent for language learning, so stimulate it by making the most of the cultures which surround it.  Be coherent to avoid confusion however, bilingualism has come in for plenty of criticism.  At a time when the world is opening up to our children a second language is most definitely an advantage, but how should you set about raising a bilingual child?  As naturally as possible, according to Dr. Rufo: “For a child to easily assimilate two languages, each parent needs to speak naturally in their own language and only in that language, so the child has fixed touchstones.”  Contrary to what plenty of people think, bilingual children don’t talk later.  By frequently switching between two languages and cultures, he or she will develop greater intellectual skills and be receptive to the diversity of the world around it.  Even if your child answers in the opposite language, persevere, they are still absorbing it all!


Sarah Horrocks
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