Kirstie Allsopp Interview: Essential advice for new parents

Kirstie Allsopp Interview: Advice for new parents
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Kirstie Allsopp Interview: Advice for new parents

Everyone's heard the stories about how a baby turns your life upside down, but when you’re about to become a parent, you’re secretly still inclined to think those tales are an exaggeration.

Well people, they’re really not. Becoming a new parent will probably be the biggest shift in your life and when that time comes you’re going to need all the help and advice that you can get.

From what little things make a massive difference after the birth, to simply knowing what to expect, there are plenty of things that can ease you in to becoming a new parent.

Luckily we happened to talk to British TV presenter, creative genius and mom Kirstie Allsopp, who gave us her tips on guiding yourself through the trials of becoming a new parent.

Kirstie is now working with P&G to launch the Everyday Effect campaign, which celebrates the seemingly ordinary actions that can have an extraordinary effect. A campaign which couldn’t be more apt for new parents; P&G found that a whopping 50% of new moms would rather have someone help with the cleaning than a new baby gift (so you can see how those priorities change straightaway…).

So if you’re starting to panic, read on, we promise you’ll be fine. 

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