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Child safety in the car
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Car restraints and weight of child


© Peg Perego
© Peg Perego

The right type of child restraint depends on your child's weight, not age. Age is given as guideline.

> For babies weighing less than 13kg (roughly 0 to 12 months),
use a backward-facing baby seat fitted in the rear or front of the car with an adult seat belt. Note that if the baby seat is placed in the front seat, you must make sure the front passenger airbag is deactivated, otherwise if an accident occurs your baby could be killed or seriously injured by the airbag.

> For infants weighing 9 to 18kg (roughly 9 months to 4 years), use a forward-facing child seat placed in the front or rear, either fastened to the car with the adult seat belt or with an ISOFIX system.

> For children weighing 15kg to 25kg (roughly 4 to 6 years) or depending upon the make and model, from 15kg up to 36kg, use a booster seat placed in the rear, which is designed to raise children so the adult seat belt goes around them more safely. Make sure the seat belt is correctly adjusted: it should be as tight as possible; the lap belt should go over the pelvis and not the stomach; and the diagonal strap should rest over the shoulder and not the neck.
Note: never tuck the seat belt under your child's arm - it's dangerous. Your child won't be as safe if an accident occurs. 

> For children weighing 22kg to 36kg (roughly 6 and above): a booster cushion can be used instead of a booster seat. 

> Chldren over 1.35m tall, or over the age of 12 can wear an adult seat belt. 

In certain circumstances, children can travel without the correct restraints:
- If you're making an unexpected short journey, a child aged 3 or over must wear an adult seat belt, in the rear seat only.
- If you already have two child seats in the back and haven't room for a third, a child aged 3 or over can use the adult seat belt (lap and diagonal OR lap belt) in the rear if the front passenger seat is in use. If the front seat is not in use, they must sit in the front with the correct type of child seat.
- If your car does not have rear seat belts, children aged 3 and over can travel unrestrained.
- When travelling in a licensed taxi or private hired vehicle, if the correct restraints aren't available, children under 3 may travel unrestrained in the rear only. Children aged 3 and over must use an adult seat belt.


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