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Discreet breastfeeding in public

It is possible to breastfeed-on-demand and socialize! MARIAN BUCKLEY examines some of the options that can help mums feed with confidence.

One of the most challenging aspects to new motherhood is how to feed your newborn.  
The last Infant Feeding Survey published by the Office for National Statistics showed a 7% rise in the number of babies breastfed from birth and if you are among the growing number of mums who choose (and manage successfully) to breastfeed, you'll then face the issue of what to do when baby needs feeding in public.
 - Discreet breastfeeding in public
Liberty sling £29.95, www.libertyslings.co.uk
In the UK, health experts recommend feeding on demand. In the not-so distant past mums were instructed to only ever feed every 4 hours, despite whatever protestations baby made. There are many devices which can help you protect your modesty whilst feeding, and what works for you might not suit the next mum.
Slings: There are several fabric versions on the market, including Karen Lloyd's Sling Easy, which enables you to feed discreetly in public simply by adjusting the way the sling is positioned. It is also possible (and I know this from personal experience with three hungry babies!) to walk and feed without standing out from the crowd.
Ponchos and Pashmina-style scarves: They might not be the height of fashion, but having a poncho to hand is very useful for when baby might need nutrition and you cannot secrete yourself away to a quiet corner. 
The Mamascarf £15.99, www.mamascarf.co.uk

The Mamascarf:
This was invented by Keira O'Mara, a mum who was inspired to design the device after being made to feel uncomfortable by the stares of fellow customers when she was in a cafe. The Mamascarf ties around your neck and can be moved to a position that suits while you adjust your clothing. It's very easy to use and ensures you and baby complete privacy.

National Breastfeeding Awareness Week is from10th to 16th May 2009.
For more information and support visit www.breastfeeding.nhs.uk

Marian Buckley


Parenting Editor
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