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Beating the baby blues
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Cause and effect

Cause and effect

We don’t know what causes postnatal depression.

There are probably many reasons, hormonal and psychological. New mothers who have already suffered from depression during pregnancy are most likely to suffer from postnatal depression.  

You need to go and see your doctor straight away if you feel yourself going under and you get to the point at which you can’t do anything. If you feel like this for more than a week or two, seek help.  

Postnatal depression can sometimes require hospitalization, as it can have severe consequences for you and your baby, who is very tuned to your moods.

If you’re finding it hard to bond with your baby and you’re not interested in the baby, this can obviously affect the relationship you develop with your child. Certain babies react strongly to their mother’s depression, and can start to show symptoms of depression themselves (anxiety, sleeping problems, loss of appetite).


Sarah Horrocks
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