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Beating the baby blues

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 - Beating the baby blues
Pregnancy and birth bring about so much physical and psychological change that new mums have to cope with a lot of anxiety in addition to hormonal change.

After giving birth to your baby you should be feeling on top of the world, everyone says, so if you’re not feeling blissfully happy you start to worry and feel guilty.

Short bouts of depression, or the baby blues, are extremely common. They normally pass after a short while, and there are ways of helping you get rid of them.

If the blues don’t go away, you could be suffering from post-natal depression, which is more serious.

It’s tough to figure out exactly what’s wrong when you and your body have gone through so many changes. Our quick True or False test will help you get the basic facts straight about the baby blues.

In order to get your happy equilibrium back, it’s really important first of all to identify what your problem is and then find the right way of treating it or getting help. You’ll soon leave the blues behind, leaving only happy memories of the joys of being a new mum.



Sarah Horrocks
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