Development of baby's senses: stimulating the five senses
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Hearing in babies: how to develop baby's sense of hearing
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Hearing in babies: how to develop baby's sense of hearing

Baby's hearing develops in the womb during the seventh month of pregnancy. It's a key sense that needs stimulating once the baby is born.

To develop baby's hearing, what could be better than music? But not only nursery rhymes for children... your personal playlist will do no harm to a newborn's ears, provided the volume isn't too high.

Advice from Dr Ifergan
"Your baby will appreciate soft words, lullabies and gentle music, especially when you combine it with kisses, cuddles and rocking movements.

Another tip? As soon as they're able to, let your little bundle of joy deafen you with drums, maracas, xylophones, pianos, trumpets, etc. It's a great way for them to develop their hearing. And who knows, you might have a future Mozart living under your roof!

Noises to avoid? "Emergency service sirens, pneumatic drills, the radio or TV on loud, some telephones when they're too close to baby, piercing sounds. And don't forget to reduce the volume of the telephone when you pass Daddy on to speak!"


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