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6 Ways to Help a New Mother

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on April 13, 2015

Your friend just had a baby. More than anything, you want to be there to help and support her in her new role. Of course, your help is invaluable! But make sure you know what she really needs.

1. Bring her a meal that you know she will appreciate.

Your friend already has her hands full. If you are planning to visit her, consider bringing something to eat. A new mother needs to rest, so don't expect her to feed you! Damn the expense, your friend is well worth a little effort.

2. Do something useful for her.

Maybe the new mom likes to control house cleaning herself. You'll have to stand up to her. Try to get her to see reason. Explain that she is an extraordinary mother but that she also needs to let herself be spoiled a little. Do her dishes or her laundry (God knows she has tons of it), sweep up: there's lots to do.

3. Give her a practical gift.

You can ask your friend if there is anything she needs. A gift doesn't necessarily need to be a surprise. There are countless gadgets that make a mom's life easier. You don't need to overthink it: diapers, pacifiers, towels, she never has enough!

4. Take photos.

Bring your camera and become a photographer! You can create a photo montage; she will be delighted. Even if you are not big on scrapbooking, you can always put together a slideshow. You will also have a copy for posterity.

5. Offer to babysit.

It will take many months before the new mom is ready to let you take care of her child. But why not suggest that she allow herself a nice hot bath while you sit with the baby? She will be very grateful and will not have to worry, you'll be on the other side of the door. Better still, you'll get a chance to cuddle the newcomer.

6. Listen to her.

It's not always easy to adapt to the new role of mom. The baby is always the centre of attention, but the new mom also needs some consideration. Listen to your friend. Be open-minded as you let her confide in you. Respect her privacy and the fact that she is allowing you into her intimate life. By being attentive to her needs, you will be able to better help her. And she will be forever grateful.

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by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard

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