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10 Cute Ideas To Decorate Baby's Nursery

Stephanie Ashley
by Stephanie Ashley Published on March 11, 2014

If you're waiting for the cutest baby ever to come into the world, you're probably going to need the cutest baby nursery for them to live in! Time to pull out your artistic skills, or simply your shopping checklist, and decorate what promises to be the most adorable room in the whole house.

A Cute Mobile

Baby Nursery Mobile © Etsy

Once you've got a crib figured out, it's time to find a mobile to hang over it. If you've got a theme going on with your decorations, whether it's airplanes, owls, elephants, or just plain cuteness, pick a mobile that goes with everything!

Announcement Pillow

Birth Announcement Pillow © Etsy

A pillow is one of the cutest ways to display your birth announcement. A throw pillow, maybe in a rocking chair in the nursery, makes for a cute decoration and a piece of memorabilia you can keep forever.

Announcement Print

Birth Announcement Print © Etsy

Don't want your announcement to get squished or slobbered on? Try making or ordering an announcement print you can hang on the wall! You can keep it forever, and an artsy design will jazz up the room.

Name Wall Art

Name Wall Decal © Etsy

Let everyone know, this is your baby's room! You can put your baby's name on the wall in so many different, cute ways. You could paint their name on the wall, but if you don't really trust your artistic skills, you can order a wall decal to stick on the wall instead.

Wall Decal

Baby Nursery Wall Decal © Etsy

Wall decals aren't just for name art! Use a decal to bring that extra creativity to the room and take your theme to the next level. Don't have a theme going on? Plenty of decals are minimal and chic (think white tree), and still add that extra something to the walls.

Night Light

Night Light © Etsy

When decorating a nursery, a night light is an absolute must. You can choose a more traditional, stained glass night light, or order a personalized one with your little guy or gal's name on it. Coordinating decorations? We like.

Electrical Outlet Covers

Electrical Outlet Cover © Etsy

Safety always comes first, so electrical outlet covers are a necessity. To spice up those dull plastic plugs, glue a cute, foam cutout on top! Still not sure of your craft chops, you can always order one online. That way, no harm comes to baby, and it looks extra adorable.

Four Printout Pictures

Four Nursery Prints © Etsy

The newest trend in nursery decorating? Arranging four coordinating print pictures, or paintings, in a grid on the wall. All the matching brings order to what promises to be a slightly chaotic room, and looks effortlessly cute and chic, at the same time.


Dr. Seuss Quote Print © Etsy

Make sure your little one has some encouraging words to live up to, even if they're too little to understand them. Winnie the Pooh and Dr. Seuss quotes are always a favorite, but choose a quote that is close to your heart and will touch your child's life forever!

Footprint Art

Baby Footprint Art © Etsy

Baby feet are the absolute cutest! Try a cute craft with your new little one to add that finishing touch to the nursery. Use their tiny little feet to paint a picture. It can be anything from a sun, to a line of footsteps, to a butterfly. No matter what design you choose, the outcome will be adorable!

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by Stephanie Ashley

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