Glass half empty? Try these positive thinking steps for a happier you

Glass half empty? Try these positive thinking steps for a happier you
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Top 5 steps towards positive thinking and a happier you

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It might be a positive-thinking cliché but how you answer the ‘is your cup half empty or half full?’ question can help you understand your outlook on life and whether a bit of positivity is going amiss.

Positive thinking can seem a bit idealistic; the idea that if you think positive thoughts you will be living a much more fulfilling life can come across as a bit unsubstantiated. But really, it makes sense.

We can all get caught up thinking negatively. When we’re stressed or overworked it’s really easy to get into that cycle of self-criticism and doubt and sometimes spiral out of control.

This is when knowing how to think positively can help to make your life a happier and more fulfilling place. It’s also one of the most important and effective tools of stress management. So want to find out the steps you need to be in a more positive place?

We contacted Dr. Rick Norris, Chartered Psychologist, author of 'Think Yourself Happy: The Simple 6-Step Program to Change Your Life from Within,' to get his top tips on positive thinking.

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