Manifesting your way to what you want

Manifesting your way to what you want
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Manifesting your way to what you want


Do you sometimes wish there was a way that you could get your life on track? Get that promotion you’d been dreaming of or simply make your day-to-day a little better?

Well if you haven’t already heard of manifesting (Oprah is a fan) then let us fill you in.
In a nutshell manifesting is all about positive thinking and harnessing your energies and emotions. If you think positive thoughts there is a better chance of them becoming your reality.

This might sound like a lot of airy fairy nonsense but psychological research shows that self-efficacy (that’s science speak for believing can succeed) makes it much more likely that you will reach your goals.

To find out more we spoke to Becky Walsh, Manifesting expert and author of ‘You Do Know’ to see how we can all manifest our way to a better life.

She says: “It's super empowering to realize that you are not a victim or a lucky receiver of circumstance. That you have a choice and you are the decision maker behind your life.”

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