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Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read February's Forecast For Libra!

Emmy Griffiths
by Emmy Griffiths Published on February 1, 2015

Life is much easier feeling "at one" with your aspirations

Intuition goes far, as you feel your way towards new goals; cash negotiations are also favorable in ways you don’t expect. By mid-month you’ll seek new challenges, but attention to detail is essential too. Focusing on priorities around the 18th resolves disputes at work. The time has come to trust big ideas and to consider retraining if it facilitates your vision. Offers may take you unawares, and one of your richest resources is others people’s backing. By the 26th you are in charge; you’ll hit the ground running but must of course avoid steamrolling anyone on your path.

Love Life

You may expect perfection, but the goalposts shift in ways that are more exciting. By the 25th you’ll win someone over if you give them room to maneuver - try to overcome old fears concerning intimacy. An authority figure admires you, which is a bonus. It is obvious that an open mind and heart will attract what you need.

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