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Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read January's Forecast For Taurus!

Emmy Griffiths
by Emmy Griffiths Published on January 1, 2015

‘Mind over matter’ is your motto to kick-start January

Success involves a combination of effort and intuition, especially in one-to-one dealings. When seeking self-fulfillment you’ll buck the trend, yet you must handle those who spin lines. From the 8th a strategy works miracles and communication skills give you even more distinctive sparkle. A confrontation actually helps around the 16th, yet later in the month you’ll need to sidestep potential obstacles. Domestic life - however good - may threaten to throw you off your stride at work, or inspire you – it’s your choice... Joint finances are unpredictable until the 30th, when you’ll be suddenly and pleasingly relieved.

Love Life

A quick-witted personality offers enhanced versions of reality and it’s up to you to stay grounded. Although a little fantasy feeds the soul. Lighthearted entertainment is yours, and long-term partnerships strengthen by the 22nd. It will be another person’s turn to get serious about commitment, and your role to set boundaries.

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by Emmy Griffiths

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