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Taurus: all about Taurus star sign


 - Taurus: all about Taurus star sign
Taurus represents the height of earthly and springtime powers, in opposition to Scorpio where everything disintegrates. Taurus engulfs while Scorpio eliminates.

This instinctive and sensitive creature wants to devour, accumulate, take and store what lies in its path. Taurus lives in the passion of the future.

Taureans are calm and rather slow to get going but once they're underway, nothing can stop them.

Only granting trust and friendship sparingly, they grant it without limits once the person in question has been sized up and judged.

They're interested in many subjects and are sociable but be warned: although their patience can be put to the test in certain situations, they're prone to bouts of anger if they start to feel threatened. Their partner therefore has to watch out not to annoy them. Taureans find it difficult to forgive because they tend to hold grudges.

Cautious by nature, they're capable of sustained effort. Taureans dislike U-turns and appreciate stable situations because they're not great at adapting to new ideas.

A Taurean's love life will run smoothly provided that two conditions are met: firstly, there needs to be physical chemistry and secondly, their partner should never stir up feelings of jealousy because one thing is sure, Taureans do not support infidelity!


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