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Leo: all about Leo star sign


 - Leo: all about Leo star sign
Symbol of power and sovereignty, Leos are dignified and admired. In fact, for a Leo, anything that isn't admirable isn't worth bothering with. 

There are no half-measures with a Leo. Fundamentally magnanimous and generous, they are tender but even their tenderness is expressed with grandeur.

Highly demanding of themselves and of others, they see life as an ongoing competition. Neither envious nor devious, they simply need to be at the top of their game, no matter what. Failure crushes them.

Respectful of laws and manners, Leos like harmony and hate pettiness and hypocrisy. Passionate and enthusiastic, Leos easily inspire admiration.

Hardworking, they are natural leaders. Their generosity is without limit, at least towards those who don't oppose their convictions. Lions are the kings of the animal kingdom, remember!

In love, their sensuality is powerful but it's important for them to be completely fulfilled before envisaging a relationship. They also have high aspirations and their ideal partner could prove hard to find. A partner should have class, artistic skills, a kind heart and basically be (almost) as perfect as Leo themself.


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