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Scorpio: all about Scorpio star sign


 - Scorpio: all about Scorpio star sign
Those born under the sign of Scorpio have an enormous thirst to succeed in everything they do. They are relentless, dedicated and capable of accomplishing a lot.

Scorpios' enduring spirit often sees them in independent professions, where they can give free reign to their willpower and ambition.

Although reserved, cold and inscrutable on the outside, Scorpios are full of life on the inside. Their developed critical sense, along with their contradictory spirit can lead them into fierce discussions and debates.

They are precise and intuitive strategists with natural insight (and they make excellent detectives!)

The senses of dislike and attraction are instinctive. Anxious and in a state of permanent rebellion, Scoprios feel a need to change people and things according to their own desires.

Scorpios are also passionate people. For Scorpio, love is a combat that features victors (themselves) and the vanquished (the other person). Their love life is rich, helped along by their personal magnetism and irresistible charm.

Nevertheless, they're not very sentimental because their excessive need to remain independent often prevents them from really settling down. They seem more attracted to intense, fleeting adventures rather than a lasting relationship.

If marriage is on the cards, it will be an impulsive decision, made early on generally, but the relationship could well be racked with jealousy because don't forget that Scorpios are characterized by their possessiveness...


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