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Cancer: all about Cancer star sign


 - Cancer: all about Cancer star sign
For those born under the sign of Cancer, the family is fundamental. Cancerians are the ones who will struggle the most to cut the apron strings.

Quiet, rather shy, gentle, affectionate and reserved, their behaviour can seem childish at times.

Cancerians are impressionable and dreamy by nature, and have a very developed imagination, intuition and sensitivity.

Not so gifted for the exact sciences, they are big romantics, attracted by the idea of travelling but paradoxically homebirds as well.

Helpful, compassionate and spontaneous, Cancers can sometimes, however, experience disconcerting mood swings. They'll become withdrawn and daydream about the past rather than the present.

For Cancer, a lot depends on their relationship with their mother. If the relationship between them is good, they'll feel safe and secure, if the relationship is strained, they'll be temperamental.

Nevertheless, there's a real difference between male and female Cancers. The man yearns to be mothered and reassured by a woman, while the woman needs to be mothered, regardless of the subject.

Floating between reality and imagination, Cancers will struggle to leave their family and yet they have a strong desire to get married.

Cancer's professional destiny is greatly influenced by their family. All trades related to water are favoured, as well as jobs involving contact with the public. Thanks to their imagination, Cancers can also turn to writing.


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