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Here's a summary of what some of the most common recurring dreams mean.

> Swimming
Swimming in calm, clear water indicates impending success. Predictably, if the seas ate stormy there are hard times ahead. But if you're keeping afloat in choppy but clear water, it's a sign of reconciliation.

> Adultery
Cheating on your partner indicates that a sexual need hasn't been fulfilled and you want to make up for it by making a decision which you may live to regret. It could also mean that you have or are going to experience major psychological changes.

> Packing your bags
You're going to receive some news that might turn your life upside down. If the bags are full, the changes will be positive; if not, they will be negative.

> An argument
Being present during an argument, but not taking part in it, indicates that you're going through a troubled period that you can't get yourself out of. If you're at the heart of the conflict, be more understanding with those around you. Arguments in dreams generally refer to real-life conflicts or financial worries.

> Falling
A dream about falling often represents a fear, but also an invitation to delve into one's inner self rather than sticking to the safe image you know. It can also symbolize a fear of not meeting other people's expectations. But falling can also depict difficulties caused by a big change in the dreamer's life.

> Losing your teeth
Teeth represent great power and aggression. Dreaming of losing teeth or having them pulled out can symbolize a loss of power and a fear of helplessness, whether of an emotional, sexual or professional nature. This could also mean a lack of energy.

> Flying
This represents a need to rise and do well. The dreamer is trying to overcome their difficulties or conflicts. They're taking flight because they're anxious about being on the ground, so they're fleeing themselves. Careful here: a fall or descent isn't far away...

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