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What does dreaming about being under an evil influence mean?


© Walt Disney
© Walt Disney
Dream specialist Louise Sainker gives us her analysis of Becky's dream.

This dream begs certain questions because it may portray outside influences that Becky is affected by, in her lectures, films and other activities for example. If she's a bit sensitive about something, she then stores these scenes in her mind.

That being the case, the different passages through the "door" and the "small opening" refer to the theme of birth and babies arriving on Earth. It's a bit rash to deduce from this one dream that Becky had a difficult birth but we can ask: how does she see birth in general? Is she afraid of giving birth?

Taking her age into account, she's at a turning point: she's going from being a young lady with a bit of a teenage streak left in her to a young woman who's not yet hardened up. The dream encourages her rebirth into a buoyant world that she's perhaps a bit apprehensive about.


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