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The science of astrology


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"Astrology forecasts are not done by some spooky psychic skills. It is actually very mathematical and quite complicated", explains Ahsan.

"The astrologer needs to have a thorough understanding of which aspects each planet and sign rules and to understand conjunctions, progressions and planetary movements.

"We now have computer programs that do the calculations for you but my father, for example, is an astrologer of the old school and uses an ephemeris (a book with tables showing astronomical movements) and does a hand-drawn chart for each person. It is not about flailing arms and saying ‘oooh’ a lot before making wild pronouncements."

But skepticism over astrology has existed long before horoscopes appeared in newspapers.

The study of Western astrology in a developed form can be found earlier than 4th Century BC. However, with the advent of the scientific revolution came the decline in astrology's credibility.

Termed a 'pseudo-science', astrology has always come under fire by scientists who believe the underlying theory of astrology lacks any evidential support. And as we are a society that is governed by science, it is understandable how people are not convinced by something that cannot be supported by cold, hard facts.


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