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A question of astrological accuracy


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One popular view that arises through reading generic sun-sign horoscopes, is that they are not 'accurate' or 'correct' in predicting the future.

Herein lies another misconstrued idea about astrology; that it is akin to fortune-telling or is somehow affiliated with the work of psychics.

Certainly, an element of astrology is about looking to the future, but astrologers are always quick to emphasize that they are not psychics. This is something that Sharon Glanville, who has followed astrology for over twenty years, is also keen to make clear.

"Astrology is not like going to a psychic", she says. "Having your chart done can be a helpful tool, or a way to help navigate through life. Anyone can do a chart, but it is the interpretation that matters and therefore it is very, very important who you trust to do your chart."

Cossar concurs: "Astrology for me is a model – a tool for looking at life. Astrology isn't only about foretelling and it is not a belief system. Most people believe that astrologers can tell them what will happen. I use it as a tool for co-creation."


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