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Horoscopes: entertainment or enlightenment


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The attitude to horoscopes, stars or astrology is predominantly positive but for the majority they're a little bit of harmless fun rather than as a serious scientific practice.

But perhaps there is nothing inherently wrong with this: horoscopes as they are presented in the media are there primarily to entertain.

A tantalizing vignette or scintillating morsel that most of us take a (guilty) pleasure in consuming on our daily commute, or during a break from everyday mundane activities. To read anything more into them would be a redundant, and unhelpful, exercise.

However, these horoscopes stem from a far more complex practice which has arguably been hindered by association. Although the majority of readers probably do not take these horoscopes seriously, it often leads people to question the accuracy and credibility of astrology.

Seeing as newspaper or magazine horoscopes are the only point of contact with astrology for a great deal of the public, 'star signs' become synonymous with the subject and as a result the media's portrayal of astrology has undoubtedly played a part in contributing to the wealth of cynicism and skepticism that surrounds the field.


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