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History of gold jewellery and fashion


© Boucheron - History of gold jewellery and fashion
© Boucheron

In the 1930s, the trend for yellow gold gave way to platinum. This solid white metal made watches lighter, reducing them to the strictest minimum and leaving room for sparkling white diamonds which took the spotlight. Throughout the Art Deco period, platinum was in vogue and white gold jewellery was born. One of its most symbolic collections, Comète, was created by Chanel.

The 80s saw the return of yellow gold as a flashy show of wealth. 

The late 90s saw the end of bling, and white gold took over from yellow. White gold is minimalist and very discreet, and it suited refined fashion trends by Calvin Klein and the like. 

Nowadays, all types of gold co-exist and are blended together, but white gold has stiff competition from silver, which is eight to ten times less costly, which is why jewellers such as Pianegonda are combining silver with diamonds.


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